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Urban Assault “Victory”

August 22, 2010

Earlier this summer Dave and I fiercely competed in the Urban Assault bike race in Charlotte. Unfortunately our time left much (much!) to be desired but we had a blast and can’t wait for next year.

For us, the first leg of the race began before the race even started, we biked from our place, about three miles to the start,Marshall Park. With our laminated map and cell phones in tow, we were confident and had a solid plan. We were sure the first mystery point was the clock tower at Queens University, and about 40 minutes later realized it was a dude in an afro and a tutu riding around the booty loop! YIKES! We regrouped and got back on track… with 40 precious minutes behind us.

Over the next two hours we navigated more than 20 miles all over Charlotte and competed in the paperboy toss, human bowling, piggyback polo and a trip down a water slide. Finally, we made it to our last stop – Common Market to put together a puzzle. Our brains and our legs were fried, we couldn’t get it and ended up waiting out the 10 minute maximum and rode to the finish line. Our final challenge awaited… riding a power wheel bike course and going through a kids bouncy-castle/maze (after 100 other wet and sweaty people already had… gross.)

One of the best take-aways from the race was seeing how many cool places are easy to ride to in Charlotte. And the delicious, free New Belgium Beer waiting for us at the finish line.



July 6, 2010

We make our dog swim for the amusement of us and others. A great day at Linville Gorge!

Urban Assault

June 2, 2010

Dave and I are officially registered!

Part bike race, part Amazing Race, part silliness, part beer drinking. Sounds like the perfect mix to me!  Team Hartter will navigate through Charlotte and the surrounding neighborhoods to seven different check points (we estimate that we’ll cover 20-25 miles) to complete tasks like tricycle limbo and then finish in some sort of respectable time and enjoy our favorite New Belgium beers! (Fat tire is my favorite!)


March 26, 2010

Was just texting with a friend about the benefits of community gardens, organic food, chemical-free shampoos and cloth diapers (for her family… not us!) I was feeling pretty smart with my website references and articles I could e-mail her. Hey we recycle everything we can, do our best to shop responsibly and have significantly reduced our housing footprint in the last year.  I’m using the more and more to understand the ingredients and impact of the products we buy and trying to put fewer chemicals in my body. Then, I go to the pantry for a snack and eat three bright pink peeps without even thinking about it.

My point is, this stuff is hard – hard to change  the snacks you love (bright orange and fake peanut butter crackers) and the things you buy. Even when I think I have it all together…it is a peep that brings me down. 🙂

A Vegetarian in Germany

March 14, 2010
I spent last week in Germany helping a client with their Europe & Asia Leadership Meeting. After a couple days of working long days and nights in the Heidelberg Marriott… I was able to break out for some fun evenings on the town. First night out in the old part of town was to the “Golden Sheep” for some traditional German food – including vegetarian fried ravioli and German wine. The next night we visited the Heidelberger Schloss and had a gourmet meal (and more beer and German wine, plus amazing cheese, fruit, chocolate cake!)

From the top of the castle.

From the top of the Heidelberg Castle at sunset.

The courtyard of the castle ruins

At the castle, looking out over the old section of Heidelberg.

My new friend Marine and me with the flowers the team got us. They were beautiful -- too bad, I couldn't take them home!


February 4, 2010

Dave and I spent a recent long weekend in Salt Lake City enjoying the snow and blue skies. My first iMovie project below!

Fake Bike Race

September 29, 2009

I think I would fall off my bike if this happened to me during a ride. The “spectators” do a great job, complete with a streaker and all!